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Recycled Concrete


RC6 Recycled Concrete

RC #6

RC #6 is our “recycled 21A”. It can be used as sub-base and base for highways, driveways, and parking lots. It is also suitable as backfill and under curbs and gutters.

RC57 Recycled Concrete

RC #57

Suitable for a variety of uses which include asphalt course-base mix, ready mix concrete, bedding for large pipes and concrete slabs, filter stone and residential drainage.

RC2 Recycled Concrete

RC #2

We produce a recycled concrete size comparable to #2 stone. It is excellent for erosion control, new driveway bedding and stabilizing parking areas.

Rip Rap Recycled Concrete

Rip Rap

We can fabricate any size recycled-rip rap per custom order to meet your needs for slowing down water on drainage courses.

Roll Off Dumpster Rentals

30 yard (Construction Debris) 22'L x 7.75'W x 6'H
20 yard (Concrete) 22'L x 7.75'W x 3.5'H
15 yard (Concrete/Construction Debris) 14'L x 7.75'W x 4'H

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Construction Recycling


Construction and Demolition Recycling in Northern Virginia



Recycled Concrete

Northern Virginia Construction Recycling is a concrete recycling center conveniently located 20 minutes west of 495 just off I-66. We offer contractors a quickly accessible and ideal location to discard their concrete waste and pick up their recycled concrete products. We know how important it is for contractors to purchase clean, crushed stone and our equipment is prepared to deliver the high quality product you need. Our “top of the line” crusher, screener, and conveyors are designed to our specifications which have one idea in mind: delivering the best and cleanest recycled concrete aggregates in the market.

We can bring our crusher to you if your project calls for extensive onsite crushing and screening.

Haulers are

responsible for


their material

Haulers are responsible

for any unacceptable

material delivered to


Concrete mixed with

dirt and/or trash

will NOT be




material will

have $50 reload charge

NOVA RECON uses the latest technology in concrete crushing and screening because conscientious handling of construction debris is a process our company takes very seriously.

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